Advice & CRM Strategy

Scale to new heights with your customer services, sales and marketing team with advices & CRM Strategy!

CRM Illuminate possibility and get direction you can act on!

IT Solutions Solved provide independent advice & CRM Strategy and help you activate your vision. Our team of consultants have the expertise and insight to properly assess your business requirements, discover the right solution and help you make smart software decisions.

Risk Management

What are the 'what-if's' that need to be prevented, like cost overruns and loss in ROI. It's due diligence before diving in and a prudent place to start.

Organisational Change

What training needs to be provided at what levels within the organisation? Who are the go-to-people who act as knowledge leaders in your newly digitised world? Plan it now, avoid pain later

End-to-End Analysis

What does the future look like? We map out a series of future scenarios and the process changes needed to bring them to life. Connect Stakeholders and unify your vision.

Digitisation Roadmap

Our proven methodology maps out the stages from growth to acceleration and scale – helping you plan change, measure investment, and identify opportunities on your digital journey

Mobility, agility, control, flexibility and ease

With cloud technology and the power of connectivity you can  make everywhere your potential place of business and anytime when something can happen for your customers.

We take the pain out of software selection without short-changing you on choice.

Get real choice

There are hundreds of software solutions on offer in the marketplace, all making grand promises. We present you options that have proven themselves in the software marketplace - we help you quickly discover which ones are relevant.

Integration planning

Our Methodology ensures thorough requirements analysis, comprehensive project scoping and a detailed plan to smoothly integrate your software and reduce risks.

Benefits & features

Understanding software takes more than getting your head around its capabilities and functions. Using our insights and expertise we show you their capabilities and unique features to be fine-tuned to your business settings.

Software support

Support means more than being a voice at the end of a phone call. We conduct thorough post implementation reviews and perform the necessary analysis that show where further refinement and customisation can result in more improvement.

Why Choose us for Advice & CRM Strategy
IT strategy review

We review your mission, vision, goals, and strategy to derive the implications for what it needs in order to support their IT strategy.

Current state analysis

We rank each business system in terms of actual management value, organization’s importance and technical qualities.


We define the initiatives of your IT strategy and weave them into a story of where you are going and how you will get there.