A Helpful CRM Guide for Customer Retention

06.06.2024 05:21 PM By Karan Sharma

CRM or Customer Relationship Management can improve your customer retention by 2.7% rates and it also enhances customer retention by more than 74% of businesses. Customer loyalty is the most important aspect of a competitive business. You have to priorities retaining your customers and you have to utilise tools like CRM as leverage in competition. In this post, we will learn how CRM can help you in customer retention.

A Helpful CRM Guide for Customer Retention

​Introduction to Customer Retention and Customer Relationship Management

Customer retention is simply retaining your existing customers. It depends on various factors including how many new customers you acquired and how many you lost. What are the aspects that attract new customers and what are the factors that make them leave your offers? These aspects will affect your business in both the short and long-term growth. 

Customer retention is crucial and it can be influenced by providing better customer experience & maintaining healthy customer relationships. It will save a lot of your effort to continually reach new prospects as your current customers will automatically market and refer you to new people. It’s more than just answering calls and emails. When you utilise CRM (Customer relationship management) for your business. It helps you in creating processes from onboarding new clients to establishing trust and communication with the customers.

Your current customer is the lifeblood of your business as they maintain the cash flow for the business. You can’t take them lightly as they also improve your ROI and provide you with a competitive edge. 

The ​Importance of Customer Retention and CRM

Customer retention is important and effective for many reasons including it’s cheaper than acquiring new customers, easier to build healthy and long-term relationships with customers and maintain & increase the cash flow. Naturally, existing customers will spend more than the new customers. Plus a well-created loyalty program will enhance your customer retention and sales. Existing customers will also tend to buy additional products and services from the businesses. It also established a strong upselling stream and reputation in the market. 

When customers feel happy with your product or service, they will recommend it to others, talk about it in groups and share their positive features which is great for businesses. Remember, there is no better marketing strategy than word of mouth. And the best part is with Customer Relationship Management, it’s much easier to do as your CRM will already have enough data to analyse and predict the behaviour of your customer base.

Let’s have a quick talk on what is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It is a technology generally an application for managing all of your business interactions with your existing and potential customers. The data your CRM collected can be used to improve relationships with customers, streamline processes and increase profitability. 

33.3% of customers say it would take a minimum of 3 purchases to create brand loyalty

​How Can You Keep Customers Happy?

 2.1 ​Create an Effective Customer Journey

It’s important to map out customer journeys as it helps you to retain customers. It consists of different stages of customers from they reaching out to buying the offer. Customer Journey is a little difficult to understand, but we will make it simple for you. Understanding the Customer Journey allows your company to gain insight into what your customers are doing, thinking, feeling and saying about your products/services. 

It is data-driven, in which you collect all useful refined data on client data and utilize the insights to better understand consumer behaviour. Just a few easy inquiries, such as what they need and want. When do they need your items, how much money are they willing to spend and what do they expect? The more you know about your consumers, the more your firm will thrive.

But it doesn’t end with the purchase, it will continue as long as the customer remains connected with your business. So, you should analyse, optimise and improve the customer journey promptly.

2.2 Let ​CRM Data Do the Work

Data is the new oil but who knows how to refine it will make the most out of it. A good retention strategy should be based on data. CRM data can help your team better their marketing efforts by providing insights into understanding and predicting customer actions and behaviour. You can forecast client response prior to the campaign. Insights can help you decide on the checklist for improvement in your existing products and services and when your team creates it, it should meet the checklist's standards.

You may like to use data to select more relevant marketing platforms, personalise effective offers, produce better content that engages with them, target certain demographics and so on. When you personalise your marketing effort with CRM data, your odds of success are significantly higher than your competitors. Just build a solid approach using the data you’ve gathered from your customers

5% of your loyal and repeat customers will generate 35% of the revenue, says Small E-commerce Business.

2.3 Emphasise ​Transparency

Clear communication reduces misconceptions and increases trust. Establish a service level agreement (SLA) to set clear expectations for both you and your consumers. Transparency is crucial to customer retention in the long-term game. Your customer should know and clear what you are offering and what they are expect from you. It builds trust and confidence in your customer base. Avoid every kind of misleading content, miscommunication and disappointment, if happens then sort it out ASAP.

You can ensure transparency with a service level agreement (SLA). An SLA defines and outlines what are the expectations and responsibilities of both the company and the customer. It helps you to create clear guidelines for the level of service the customer can expect, such as response times & resolution times

You can avoid most of the potential issues and misunderstandings by communicating the expectations upfront. Plus, it’s good to have a written agreement as it provides peace of mind to the customers. 

Your repeat customer will spend 67% more than a new customer

 2.4 ​Treat Customers Well

Focus on exceeding customer expectations, it makes them feel more happy and comfortable with your business even if it costs them a little more than their previous purchases. But, it should be recommended to offer discounts and additional benefits with the current offer as it will increase the retention rate.

Customer service has a direct relation with customer service. You can buy a smartphone online or in an Apple store. When your customers feel well-treated and valued with your products and services. Doesn’t matter how high the competition is in the market, you will always have an edge if you meet and exceed the expectations of your current customers. Close the gap between the service customers expect and what you are providing is the key to customer retention.

Here are some tips you can use to prove excellent customer service.

  1. Train your customer service representative and try to resolve the customer issues ASAP.

  2. Provide all the resources and tools your customer might need.

  3. Try to treat customers as individuals. Personalised interaction based on data can be helpful for your business.

  4. The quality of your service should be informed and consistent.

2.5 Always ​Listen to Your Customers

Ask questions and feedback, use polls and surveys, create posts and engage in the comment sections. These small things will improve the customer retention. It is a fundamental aspect and your team should what, how, and when to ask. 

How to listen to your customers well. You can conduct regular surveys to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas where you can improve. These surveys can be short, not so boring and focused on specific aspects of the customer experience.

You can also use polls on social media or your website to get instant feedback on what they are thinking or you can use an easy, engaging and simple feedback form on your site that will encourage them to share thoughts and suggestions. One more thing you can do is add an action at the end of feedback, it makes your customer feel that their opinions matter. 

Your customer retention rate will be increased if you can utilise feedback and foster better customer relationships with the data. 

2.6 ​Maintain Your Contact with Your Customers

Businesses can develop better relationships with their customers by maintaining contact with them. It shows that you do care about them as a person. It also builds long-lasting relationships and increases brand value. Your customers should feel appreciated and valued when they buy something for you. With personalised interaction, your customer retention can skyrocket.

Some tips for maintaining personal contact.

  1. Customise your messages for each customer based on the collected data.

  2. You can use CRM data to create better offers and promotions

  3. Follow up with your customers promptly with new offers, discounts, wishing anniversaries and birthdays.

6 out of 10 small business owners say that half of the revenue comes from their repeat customers.

 2.7 Ensure ​Integration in your CRM

CRM centralise data can be leveraged with digital marketing. Integrated your CRM system with your social media, email and books. It helps you enhance customer experience. Streamline operations can help your team in managing customer data and interactions efficiently.

Some recommendations for your CRM integration.

  1. Social Media Channels

  2. Email

  3. Marketing and sales automation

  4. Accounting

  5. Billing

Integration across various platforms can provide an efficient experience for your customers and your team. It helps you streamline your business operations, improves your data accuracy & enhances the customer journey at every stage.

Understand some do’s and don’ts of CRM to save time and money.


Customer retention is important especially when your business is dependent on recursive income and continuous cash flow. By leveraging CRM and providing customer personalise experience, customer retention can be increased and maintained. But you have to ensure that your CMR is well implemented and that your team or employees know how to use it.

Many business owners also hire specialised agencies to do all the CRM work, you can also do that. When your customers feel valued, your customer retention rate will automatically increase. Investing in a CRM system that will meet all the requirements and needs of your business will take extra effort and time. You must do all the homework or you can build a dedicated team for this or maybe just hire a professional. 

But make sure that you choose the right CRM, it is well implemented and use it efficiently. And with continuous improvement, your business can make smart decisions, improve the products/services, establish its brand &  get a competitive edge in the market.

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