With our top-notch CRM consulting services, IT Solutions Solved assists you in creating an effective, laser-focused and profitable business.

CRM Consulting

Why Choose IT Solutions Solved as Your CRM Consulting Partner?

Choosing IT Solutions Solved as your CRM consulting partner offers several significant benefits.

Expertise and Experience

With  12 years of experience, they understand the best practices, challenges and industry-specific requirements. This expertise allows them to provide valuable insights, guidance and recommendations to ensure successful CRM projects.

Customised Solutions

At IT Solutions Solved designs and implements CRM systems that align with the client's workflows, data structures and business objectives. This ensures that the CRM solution is a perfect fit for the client's specific needs.

Seamless Integration

We ensure seamless integration of the CRM system with existing systems and applications used by the client. We have expertise in integrating CRM with various platforms such as ERP, marketing automation and customer support systems.

Ongoing Support 

We provide technical support, promptly address any issues or concerns that arise, and deliver timely updates and patches to ensure the CRM system operates at peak performance, ensuring efficiency and reliability for your business needs.

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How CRM Consulting Can Help Your Business Grow?

CRM Software is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes improve their customer relationships. However, getting the most out of CRM software can be a challenge. That's where CRM consulting comes in.

CRM Consultants are experts in helping businesses implement and use CRM software effectively. They can help you choose the right CRM software for your needs, customise it to fit your business processes and train your employees on how to use it.

CRM Consulting can help your business grow in a number of ways.

Improved customer relationships

CRM consultants can help you improve your customer relationships by providing you with the tools and insights you need to better understand your customers and their needs.

Increased sales

CRM consultants can help you increase your sales by helping you identify and qualify leads, close deals and upsell and cross-sell to existing customers.

Increased efficiency

 CRM streamlines workflows, automates repetitive tasks and centralise customer data, leading to higher productivity and improved business performance.

Reduced costs

CRM involves optimising processes, eliminating manual tasks and minimising errors, resulting in more cost-effective operations and resource management.

CRM Consulting Company in Australia

Australia 2023

Truly it was a great journey.

Melbourne 2023

Truly it was a great journey.

CRM Consulting Company in Melbourne

Free CRM Audit

We will provide you with a detailed report that includes recommendations for improving your CRM system and streamlining your operations. This service is completely free of charge and can help you maximise the benefits of your CRM investment.

Do you want your CRM system to actually grow your revenue? Connect with our CRM Experts today!

✅ Find the actual problems

✅ Proper steps for solutions

✅ Beneficial strategies

✅ Great support team

We can help you with?

Zoho Installing


We help you how to setup your CRM system and install the required and useful addons to boost your efficiency.

Optimizing Zoho


A smart optimisation ensures effective software deployment and ROI from your CRM.

Zoho Authorized Partner
Educating Zoho


We teach your team about how to use new features in 

CRM and how to get better sales easier.

Zoho Support


Something unexpected happened or you want to 

ask something to use CRM more efficiently? We are 

here to help.

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We're a Melbourne, Australia based Zoho Authorised partners. If you need any assistance please feel free to get in touch.

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What Do Your CRM Implementation Consultants Do?

What Do Your CRM Implementation Consultants Do?

Our CRM implementation consultants are experts in helping businesses effectively implement CRM systems. They analyse your business processes, understand your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable CRM solution. They assist with system setup, data migration, customisation, integration with existing systems and provide training to ensure a successful CRM implementation that aligns with your goals.

How Much Do Consulting Services Cost?

How Much Do Consulting Services Cost?

Our consulting services come with a Free 45-minutes consultation to discuss your specific needs and requirements. During this consultation, we will gain a deeper understanding of your business and provide initial insights and recommendations. The cost of our consulting services varies based on factors such as the scope of the project, the complexity of your requirements and the size of your organisation. Contact us to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our pricing options for your CRM consulting needs.

What Challenges Can I Solve with Your CRM Consulting Services?

What Challenges Can I Solve with Your CRM Consulting Services?

Our CRM Consulting services can help address various challenges businesses face. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Inefficient sales processes and lack of visibility into the sales pipeline.
  • Disjointed customer data across multiple systems.
  • Ineffective marketing campaigns and limited customer personalisation.
  • Poor customer service and inconsistent support.
  • Manual and time-consuming tasks that can be automated.
  • By leveraging CRM technology and best practices, we can help you streamline processes, improve data management, enhance customer experiences and drive overall operational efficiency.

When Can I Start with CRM Consulting?

When Can I Start with CRM Consulting?

We are ready to assist you with CRM consulting as soon as you are ready to begin. Simply reach out to us to discuss your requirements and Schedule a Free 45 mins Consultation. We will work with you to understand your timelines and objectives and then develop a tailored plan to kickstart the CRM consulting process. Our team is dedicated to delivering timely and efficient services to ensure a seamless start to your CRM journey.