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Why We're Certified Developers with Salesforce CRM?

As certified developers, IT Solutions Solved has the credentials and experience to design a solution that harnesses the advanced programmatic capabilities of the Salesforce CRM platform. We have hands-on expertise implementing Salesforce CRM, helping our clients to successfully use it to grow and scale their businesses.

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Salesforce CRM
Why Choose CRM

Going with Certified

A lot of businesses want what Salesforce has to offer and know that it’s a major player in the CRM and digitisation space – but have heard it’s overwhelming to integrate or tricky to set up. As a Salesforce Certified Developer we all the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure your Salesforce integration runs smoothly and gets great results fast.

Why Choose CRM

Marketing Automation

Salesforce is an award-winner when it comes to giving businesses the tools to manage and integrate sales and marketing and run campaigns that drive your business forward. As certified developers, we can engineer and architect your Salesforce marketing and sales funnels and make their automation features work harder for you.

Why Choose CRM

Patient Acceptance

Before Predictive Analytics, figuring out the connection between sales and marketing was a guessing game. With Salesforce Predictive Sales Analytics functions, you can start forecasting with confidence and turn smarter predictions into profits.

Why Choose CRM

Einstein of CRM Platform

Artificial Intelligence isn’t as scary as you think. Salesforce’s uses its powerful EINSTEIN AI to enhance the customer relationship management tools available at your fingertips and gives you the ability to turn your business into a learning machine.

Free CRM Audit

We will provide you with a detailed report that includes recommendations for improving your CRM system and streamlining your operations. This service is completely free of charge and can help you maximise the benefits of your CRM investment.

Why Choose Salesforce CRM?

Ideal for Non Profits

Our solutions are built on the Salesforce platform and designed for the needs of nonprofits.

Be More Effective

Raise more resources, streamline your programs and engage your constituents like never before.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Salesforce CRM for robust analytics, scalability, diverse integrations, and world-class customer support.

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