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 Implementing CRM In NPO

The successful adoption of CRM demonstrates its value for non-profit organisations looking to strengthen their customer relationships.

Client Profile

Kogo is a charity that was founded in 2004, dedicated to supporting local artisans by providing handmade woolen garments. Despite having a loyal customer base, the organization faces several challenges, including manual tracking of customer data, limited customer insights, and a lack of personalized communication. To address these obstacles, the non-profit organization (NPO) has decided to implement a CRM system.



Kogo, a charity, faced several challenges in managing customer relationships and optimising streamlined processes. They needed a CRM solution that could address the following key challenges:-

✔️Limited Insights 

The NPO lacked comprehensive community data, hindering their ability to understand community preferences, delivery patterns and demographics.

✔️Manual Data Tracking

The organisation relied on manual processes to record customer interactions, resulting in inefficient data management and difficulty in tracking delivery history.

✔️Inconsistent Communication

Without a centralised system, the NPO struggled to maintain consistent and personalised communication with community.

Solutions Provided by ITSS

Understanding the unique challenges faced by a charity “Kogo”,  IT Solutions Solved implemented a tailored CRM solution to address their specific requirements. The following features and functionalities were incorporated into the CRM system:-

✔️ Data Management

The CRM enables the organisation to store and organise community information, including contact details, order history, preferences and interactions.

✔️Marketing Automation

With the CRM's marketing automation capabilities, send personalised promotions and schedule follow-up emails to nurture community relationships.

✔️ Sales and Order Tracking

The CRM system provides a centralised platform to track orders and inventory, allowing the NPO to streamline operations and ensure timely delivery.

✔️ Analytics & Reporting

The CRM system offers advanced reporting and analytics tools to generate insights on order performance and campaign effectiveness.

Implementation Process

✔️Needs Assessment

The NPO thoroughly analysed their requirements, including understanding the desired CRM features and integration needs.

✔️CRM Selection

Based on the needs assessment, the NPO evaluated various CRM vendors and selected a system that aligned with their requirements and budget

✔️Data Migration

The existing customer data was migrated to the CRM system, ensuring a seamless transition and retaining historical information.

✔️Staff Training

The NPO provided comprehensive training to its staff members, ensuring they were proficient in using the CRM system for their respective roles.

✔️Data Migration

The existing customer data was migrated to the CRM system, ensuring a seamless transition and retaining historical information.

Results and Benefits

✔️ Improved Insights

The CRM system enabled the NPO to gain comprehensive ordering insights, allowing them to understand community preferences and behaviour better.

✔️ Enhanced Communication

With centralised customer data, the NPO could personalise their communication, resulting in increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

✔️ Streamlined Process

The CRM system automated various processes, such as order management and marketing campaigns, leading to improved operational efficiency.

✔️ Better Decision Making

The CRM's reporting and analytics capabilities provided the NPO with valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

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