Digital Transformation In Healthcare

Revolutionise patient care and boost efficiency with CRM tailored for the healthcare industry.

Client Profile

AQA is a non-profit organisation working in the healthcare domain for more than 30 years with the vision of creating a healthier society where everyone has equal access to quality healthcare. 

CRM in Healthcare


AQA, Embrace the challenge of transforming patient experiences and optimising healthcare workflows with cutting-edge CRM solutions. that could address the following key challenges:

✔️Regulatory Compliance

Implementing Zoho One necessitates aligning the suite's functionalities with these regulations, ensuring that patient data privacy and security standards are met at all times.

✔️Scalability and Growth

Scaling up the usage of Zoho One to accommodate a larger patient base, additional departments or multiple locations can present challenges in terms of system scalability, resource allocation and maintaining data integrity and consistency across the organisation.

✔️Streamlining Communication and Coordination among Healthcare Teams

The existing system lacked a centralised platform for sharing patient information, updates and tasks, resulting in delays, miscommunication and potential errors in patient care.

Solutions Provided by ITSS

To address these challenges, AQA implemented Zoho One, an integrated suite of business applications. Zoho One provided a comprehensive platform to streamline their operations, improve collaboration, and enhance patient care. The suite included applications such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Books and more.

✔️ Centralised Patient Data

With Zoho One, AQA achieved a centralised repository of patient data. This enabled healthcare professionals to access comprehensive patient records, including medical history, prescriptions, lab results and appointments. Having a complete view of patient information improved diagnosis accuracy, treatment decisions and overall patient care.

✔️Efficient Appointment Management

Zoho One's CRM and scheduling capabilities allowed AQA to automate and streamline appointment management. Patients could easily schedule appointments online, receive appointment reminders and check their appointment status. This reduced administrative burden, minimised no-shows and optimised the clinic's scheduling processes.

✔️Streamlined Billing and Financial Management

Zoho Books, the financial management application, enabled AQA to streamline their billing processes. The integration with patient records ensured accurate and timely billing, reducing errors and improving financial management.

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