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Implementing CRM In Real Estate

Overcoming fragmented data and coordination challenges, Koham Property Group a real estate company maximised efficiency and client satisfaction through CRM implementation.

Client Profile

Koham Property Group is a prominent real estate firm specialising in residential and commercial property sales, rentals and property management. With a vast portfolio of properties and a diverse clientele, they faced challenges in managing their vast data, coordinating with agents and delivering personalised services. They recognised the need for a comprehensive CRM solution to overcome these hurdles and propel their business forward.

CRM in Real Estate


Koham Property Group, a prominent real estate development company, faced several challenges in managing customer relationships and improving client interactions. They needed a CRM solution that could address the following key challenges:

✔️Data Management

The company struggled with scattered customer data across various platforms and systems, making it difficult to have a centralised view of customer interactions, preferences and buying behaviour.

✔️Agent Coordination

Coordinating with multiple agents across different properties and tracking their progress in real time was complex. The lack of effective communication channels and visibility led to inefficiencies and delays in customer response.

✔️Personalised Marketing

The company wanted to deliver tailored marketing campaigns to prospective buyers and sellers but lacked the means to efficiently segment their database and track campaign performance.

Solutions Provided by ITSS

Our company offers a comprehensive CRM solution that empowers real estate clients with streamlined property management, efficient agent coordination and personalised customer interactions. Implement following features and functionalities were incorporated into the CRM system:

✔️ Centralised Database

The CRM solution consolidated customer data, including contact details, property preferences and transaction history, into a single, comprehensive database accessible to all authorised users. This allowed for a holistic view of each customer's journey and improved service personalisation.

✔️Agent Collaboration

The CRM provided a unified platform for agents to manage their leads, schedule appointments and track client interactions. Real-time updates and shared calendars improved communication and ensured prompt customer follow-ups.

✔️ Marketing Automations

The CRM enabled the company to segment their customer database based on various criteria such as location, property type and buying preferences. With automated marketing campaigns, personalised property recommendations and timely notifications, they could engage with customers at the right time and with relevant content.

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