Pipedrive CRM

Working with an expert Pipedrive CRM implementation specialist allows you to get the most out of your pipedrive investment.

Why we’re partners with Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive CRM users report closing an average of 28% more deals in their first year. PIPEDRIVE’s claim to fame is that they are a solution that puts sales front and centre of its CRM platform, and by doing so, has fuelled business success for big and small business customers around the world.

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Simple, clean, and mobile-friendly, PIPEDRIVE has made plenty of fans as a great tool to manage sales and marketing with.

Sharing your sales & marketing focus

If you’re looking for a platform that boast a complete and passionate focus on being the sale’s gun’s choice – then take a closer look at Pipedrive. Hailing from Tallin in Estonia, this CRM platform provides businesses with a very simple and feature rich, results-oriented platform

The partnership you need to make Pipedrive Fly

SOLVED has the partnership expertise you need to integrate and customise your PIPEDRIVE CRM solution. We can integrate Pipedrive CRM into your financial systems, hr and accounting systems and create quote-to-cash seamlessness for your business.

Great on price & easy to use

The Entry price into PIPEDRIVE is very low, and it’s intentional. PIPEDRIVE is clearly out there to make it easier for SME’s and bigger companies to make a cost choice about which CRM platform to use. PIPEDRIVE offers that kind of competitive affordability with a comprensive platform that doesn’t skimp on features or scalability.

Why Choose Pipedrive CRM?

Easy to use

Simple, clean, and mobile-friendly, Pipedrive has made plenty of fans as a great tool to manage sales and marketing

Better marketing

Leverage customer relationships by identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within your business.

Real time details

Access real-time information, improve collaboration, get better continuity of services and eliminates redundancies.