Pipedrive CRM 101: A Quick Guide for Business Owners

03.05.2024 05:30 PM By Karan Sharma

What is Pipedrive CRM? How is it different? Is it good for my business? How can I use it? if you are thinking about using CRM especially Pipedrive and still confused. Then this post might help you. This guide will help you to understand Pipedrive CRM better and quicker. 

What is Pipedrive CRM? A Quick Guide

​What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive CRM is a cloud-based CRM software company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia & New York. It has become very popular in sales software systems. It is renowned for its intuitive interface and robust features. if you want to know how you can manage customers, capture leads or track your projects, it will cater to the various needs of your businesses.

What makes it different from its competitors like Salesforce and Zoho is its ease and simplicity. Despite having a ton of features, its user-friendly design will help you with effortless setup and operation. Pipedrive not only acts as an entry point for businesses but also acts as a steadfast partner in their journey towards growth and success.

How Pipeline CRM ​work differently from other CRMs?

Pipeline CRM is designed for sales analysis, lead nurturing and pipeline follow-ups. While these things encompass the core nature of a standard CRM, their primary focus remains on the lead-building process. With a pipeline CRM, you and your business can easily track each stage of the sales journey and make sure that transparency and alignment will be maintained across the board.

The hallmark feature is one of the main things that makes a pipeline CRM better and different from its competitors lies in its prioritisation of the pipeline itself. Within this framework, you can outline and annotate the various stages of the sales process. Whether you want to set up reminders, create workflows or maybe implement triggers, Pipedrive is structured for maximum efficiency. Pipeline CRM will center your business structure around the sales pipeline. 

What are the ​benefits of using a Pipedrive?

  1. Ease of Use: It has a very intuitive UI. Its minimalist layout and uncluttered views will make your team efficient. Its AI-driven assistance will help you streamline data entry which means your team can focus on your potential clients. It will improve your interactions and conversions. 
  2. Customisation: While most CRMs offer decent customisation options, Pipedrive really goes the extra mile. It gives you the freedom to customise the platform extensively to fit your specific business requirements. Whether you're customising data fields or maybe setting up automation rules, Pipedrive lets you fine-tune your CRM to match your unique business processes. For those wanting even more customisation, there are advanced options like APIs and webhooks, though they might need a bit of expertise to use effectively.
  3. Chatbots: One of Pipedrive's coolest features is its customisable chatbot. You can pop it onto your websites to snag and guide new leads straight into your sales pipeline. It's like having a friendly assistant online, making sure no promising prospects slip through the cracks while they're browsing your site.
  4. Workflows and Automation: Pipedrive CRM allow you to manage and prioritise your leads based on the preferred workflow, employing a Kanban-style lead board for easy visual tracking. Leads are sorted according to their likelihood to buy, complete with clear activity timestamps to prevent any lead from falling through the cracks. Users have access to a detailed communication history and notes, facilitating well-informed decision-making at every step of the sales journey. However, setting up workflows and automation features might present a challenge due to a somewhat less intuitive interface. Additionally, it's worth noting that automation functionality is exclusively available with paid plans and isn't accessible during the free trial period.
  5. Third-Party Integrations: While Pipedrive offers robust standalone functionality, users can augment its capabilities through seamless integration with over 400 third-party applications. This extensive integration ecosystem includes popular tools such as Zapier, Zoom, Calendly and Leadfeeder, empowering users to extend Pipedrive's functionality to meet diverse business needs.
How can Pipedrive CRM help you business?

How can Pipedrive CRM ​help your business?

You can enhance Lead and Sales Process Management

Pipeline CRMs redefine how your businesses manage lead and sales processes. By utilising a visual representation of the sales funnel, it simplifies lead tracking and automation. This approach will help you in data-driven decision-making, optimise lead conversion and sales processes through data aggregation, analytics and forecasting. Pipeline CRMs can enhance your operational efficiency and effectiveness with optimised communication and scalability.

You can elevate Sales Productivity

Pipeline CRMs enable you to track sales team progress swiftly. Your team managers can use targeted support to strengthen individual employees' efforts, which will further foster a culture of continuous improvement. Goal-tracking will motivate sales teams, while scalability will ensure sustained productivity..

You can streamline communication between stakeholders

It will streamline communication by analysing relevant customer data. A centralised data in a single platform will make collaboration among stakeholders easy and efficient. It has features like real-time updates and note-sharing which help your sales team with insights. Features such as Integrated email and messaging will further enhance your team's communication efficiency. These features not only improve the performance but also save a lot of time.

You can enhance Funnel visibility and Sales Forecasting

It provides clarity into the sales funnel by offering detailed insights into lead progression. It also identifies potential bottlenecks. You can also leverage historical data and analytics tools so your teams can analyse parameters such as conversion rates, transaction values and sales cycle length, these metrics will definitely help you in proactive decision-making and accurate sales forecasting. With a detail and simple view of the sales pipeline, you can optimise resource allocation and drive revenue growth faster and better.

Utilise Proper Resource Allocation

You can allocate resources strategically which means you can create to tune between various teams and departments in your organisation. By strategising collaboration and optimising resources, CRMs can make your business efficient and will scale if needed. Plus, by analysing data on a deep level for every resource, you can create better strategies to maximise output or drive growth.

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Pipedrive facts and stats

How to use Pipedrive CRM ​effectively?

Pipedrive CRM is a much better way to get started on your sales pipeline management. You can start your account with a free 14-day trial to get a feel for what it can do. Once you've activated your account, the first thing you have to do is to create your deal. To create a new deal in Pipedrive CRM, just click the + button next to the search bar on any page. Or you can go to the Deals menu, and after that just click the + Deal button to begin. Once you've created your deal, fill in the necessary details, focusing on what's important for proper pipeline oversight.

Pipedrive's smart system makes it easy to create person and organisation profiles without the need for manual data entry.

As you progress through the pipeline stages

  1. You can directly select the stages from your deal ticket.
  2. You can use the drag & drop feature for easy and simple progression.
  3. You can avoid unnecessary stages as you need.
  4. You can end the deal's lifecycle with a successful closure or you can acknowledge its conclusion.
  5. You can streamline Activities and Contacts Integration
  6. You can integrate contacts and activities seamlessly into your workflow using multiple avenues:
  7. You can use direct addition through the + button.

Some Best Practices for  Pipedrive CRM

1. Make sure that every deal features a scheduled activity for consistent progress.

2. You should utilise Pipedrive's email functionalities for inbox management and correspondence, enhancing lead engagement.

3. You should use deals with detailed notes to facilitate informed decision-making and preserve crucial details.

4. Calendar Synchronisation: Seamlessly synchronise activities with major calendar platforms for holistic oversight and streamlined workflow.

While using these practices promises enhanced workflow efficiency,  you have to use analytics remains for sustained growth and optimisation.

Pipedrive ​Pros And Cons And Why Should You Choose It?

Pipedrive is also a tool, so it’s important to compare it to other platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho. In order to do this, we’ll first look at what Pipedrive does well and what it doesn’t.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s good and not so good about Pipedrive

Pros of using Pipedrive

  1. It has smooth and User-friendly overview of the sales pipeline.

  2. Its workflow automation tools are quite impressive

  3. Its customisation options are too good.

  4. It has pretty good build-in sales dashboard and reports.

Pipedrive cons

  1. It has lack of social network connections

  2. It also limit itself on analytical tools.

Pipedrive has an easy-to-use interface, strong automation capabilities, and lots of customization options. However, it has some drawbacks, such as limited social network integration and analytical tools.

Why should you choose Pipedrive CRM?

If your business is based on sales and prioritisation, you will find Pipedrive an accessible & straightforward solution. However, to utilise its capabilities beyond its basic functionalities, you'll need to leverage a development team or hire a Pipedrive CRM experts. API access to develop custom features or integrate third-party applications for other departments like marketing and customer support. Pipedrive is ideally good for the business with compact sales teams looking for pipeline management, automate processes and a cost efficient CRM.


Pipedrive offers a top-of-the-line solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Its easy-to-use drag and drop Kanban design for your sales cycle streamlines lead management. Pipedrive’s monthly sales and future revenue projections based on potential deals provide sales reps with valuable insights to meet sales targets on a consistent basis. With its built-in email marketing templates, you can easily and quickly set up email campaigns and optimise your email correspondence with your prospects. Pipedrive CRM makes it easy to go from prospect lists to individual contacts and you can easily view your entire communication history. When you compare Pipedrive to competitors, its ease of use sets it apart from the competition and makes it a must-have for businesses looking to automate their sales processes. 

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