The Use Of CRM In Marketing Automation

20.10.2023 05:52 PM By Karan Sharma

Transform your marketing strategy: Discover the hidden possibilities with CRM in marketing automation! Learn how you can strengthen your customer relationships, boost engagement, and accelerate the growth of your business? Get ready for a journey that will empower you to connect with your customers and become more self-reliant in achieving better results!

CRM in Marketing Automation


In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses are working hard to find better ways to get their job done efficiently. One approach that has become quite popular recently is called "CRM," which stands for "Customer Relationship Management." In this article, we'll dive into how CRM works and how it helps businesses connect with their customers, particularly in the retail and marketing realms. So, let's explore how CRM is a vital and game-changing solution for businesses.

CRM in Marketing Automation: A Dynamic Approach to Enhancing Customer Relationships and Business Growth

CRM assists us in gathering and managing customer data, enabling us to grasp their preferences and needs. With this knowledge, we customise our marketing strategies for individual customers, making our messages more relevant.

On the other hand, marketing automation simplifies tasks like sending emails and tracking interactions, freeing up time to create engaging content. Together, CRM and marketing automation help us deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, nurturing enduring customer relationships and promoting business growth in the digital space.

​​​​Understanding CRM and Marketing Automation

2.1 ​​​What is a CRM?

CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is a strategy and technology used in businesses to manage and analyse conversations and interactions with customers. In CRM systems, important customer data is stored, such as contact information, purchase history and preferences.

2.2 What ​​is ​CRM in Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation involves the use of software platforms to simplify and automate marketing tasks, such as email marketing, social media posting and lead nurturing. With the help of these tools, businesses can connect with their audience at the right time with the right message.

​​The ​​Symbiotic Relationship

When CRM and marketing automation work together, it's like two friends helping each other out. CRM provides us with data and insights from conversations and interactions with customers, such as their contact information, purchase history and preferences. This allows us to personalise our marketing automation campaigns.

Conversely, marketing automation tools enable businesses to take quick actions based on CRM data. Through this, we can connect with our audience at the right time with the right message, strengthening our relationships with customers and boosting success in the digital world. 

​​​​Benefits of Combining CRM with Marketing Automation

4.1 ​​Enhanced Customer ​Insights

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) keeps all customer data in one place, offering a complete perspective on each customer. This information helps businesses tailor their marketing strategies based on individual preferences and behaviours.

4.2 ​​Personalised Marketing ​Campaigns

Marketing automation tools use CRM data to send personalised messages, leading to improved customer engagement and conversion rates. That’s the most important part of CRM in marketing automation.

4.3 ​​Improved Lead ​Management

CRM aids in lead scoring and tracking, allowing businesses to identify and effectively nurture high-potential leads.

4.4 ​​Effective Customer ​Communication

Automated workflows ensure timely and relevant communication with customers, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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​​​​Selecting the Right CRM for Marketing Automation

Choosing the appropriate CRM system for your business isn't something to gamble with. You need to consider factors like scalability, integration capabilities and user-friendliness for CRM in marketing automation.

​​​​Incorporating CRM into Your Marketing Strategy

Incorporating CRM into your marketing strategy requires a well-thought-out plan. This involves mapping customer touch points, creating automated workflows and training your team.

​​​​​​Case Study: How 888 Group Improved Real Estate business with CRM?


888 Group is a real estate company based in Australia. They have houses and buildings for people to buy or rent. They needed help to organise their customers and sell more.


888 Group had problems with:

  • Leads: They didn't know where their customers came from or how to keep track of them.
  • Reports: They couldn't see how well they were doing in sales and marketing.
  • Money: They couldn't see how much money was coming in and going out.

Solutions by IT Solutions Solved (ITSS):

ITSS made a special CRM system for 888 Group.  

Our team did help with the following:

  • Capturing Leads:It helped 888 Group catch leads from their website and other places. They could see who wanted to buy.
  • Reports: They got fancy reports to see how well they were doing. It helped them make better choices.
  • Sales Help: The CRM freed up time for salespeople. This made things faster and better.

Results: With the new CRM

  • Leads were organised: They knew where customers came from and what stage they were at.
  • Reports were clear: They could see how they were doing and made smarter decisions.
  • Sales were faster: Salespeople had more time to talk to customers, and deals closed quicker.
  • Smart Choices: They used data to make better choices and improved the overall decision making.

By using IT Solutions Solved's CRM implementation services, 888 Group became better at selling properties, making more money and keeping customers happy.

​​​​Challenges and How to Overcome Them

8.1 ​​​Data Collection Challenges

Data silos can be challenging when it comes to data sharing and interdepartmental collaboration. To overcome this issue, ensure smooth data integration between your CRM and marketing automation systems.

8.2 ​​​Employee Training

It's essential to provide comprehensive training to your team on how to effectively use CRM and marketing automation tools for smooth operations.

​​​​Measuring Success with CRM and Marketing Automation Integration

Metrics such as customer retention rate, lead conversion rate and ROI can help measure the effectiveness of CRM integration.

​​The ​​Future of CRM and Marketing Automation

The future of CRM and marketing automation holds exciting possibilities, including AI-driven personalisation, predictive analytics and omnichannel marketing.


Incorporating CRM into your marketing automation strategy is not just an option in today's competitive business landscape; it's a necessity. The synergy between CRM and marketing automation empowers businesses to build deep relationships with customers, increase revenue and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital world.

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