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Zoho Desk is an industry leading ticketing & helpdesk system. It provides an ability to integrate with CRM & Accounting systems.

Zoho desk

Why Desk?

Zoho desk gives you an end to end ticketing system and productivity application for your entire team. Simply turn on an app to improve a process. To know more about plans, packages & features please watch video provided. Feel free to contact us to book free consult with our consultant.

One for all, all for One - Ticketing System

If you have a sales app, your sales team will be more productive. If you have Zoho One, your sales, marketing, accounting, and support teams, along with everyone else in your organization, will be more connected and productive than ever before.


With Desk, identify the right trends and patterns in your team's efforts, make improvements, and inspire performance.

Work Together

Zoho Desk helps bring together employees from across departments, to give a truly unified customer service experience.


Zoho Desk gives your team the best tools to help customers while automating frequent tasks that otherwise take up precious time.

Integrate Apps

Zoho Desk understands the uniqueness of your business, lets you customize and integrate it with other apps.

Helpdesk you need

On an ideal day, your agent simply works and solves a question or a support request they receive from a customer. On most days though, it’s rather chaotic for agents, receiving mounds of tickets from multiple customers, from various channels. An effective ticket management software ensures that this process goes smoothly, stays error-free, and makes customer service easy for everyone involved.

Zoho desk
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Zoho desk