What is Zoho?

What is Zoho? Question comes up every now and then. Please watch video provided for detailed information.

what is zoho
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About platform?

What is Zoho?

IT was previously known as Adventnet ltd. In 2005 company launched Zoho CRM along with its Writer and never looked back.

In their own words of corp website. 

We’ve stayed private and we’ve never taken other people’s money. Neither will change. This keeps us independent and beholden to only the customer, permitting a long term view to naturally unfold. We are private, but far from small. With nearly 7,000 employees across the globe, our style of unconventional thinking seems to have paid off.

Why choose

Save time

Automate repetitive tasks so that your sales team can spend less time on data entry and more on selling.

Track your progress

Watch your sales funnel in real time and always know how much money is pending in each stage.

Sell more efficiently

CRM helps you to get to know what your customers are seeing, and find opportunities for engagement.


Keep an eye on your sales funnel, performance metrics, automations, and individual agents with ease.

Social Media

Capture leads and manage your brand's social media interactions easily with CRM.

Cloud Access

Access to your appointments, schedules, tasks and everything else whenever you need to.

For every needs

marketplace produces a massive ROI over time, but it is vital for your business sales team to choose right solution that can be scaled. Also, based on your IT outsourcing model, the features and what you want to use your systems, At “IT solution Solved” we offer to consult right from start to implementation. Its applications are priced per package, per user and per month or per year. In other words, we offer all our clients multiple of pricing based on the number of people on your business team.

Serious Software, Friendly Company.

Zoho as a software company is committed to provide one stop shop for all his clients. 

Its provides range of business applications to meet the demand of their customers. Now a days you can see it is more of a business platform rather than just a software as a service company. Please check out range of software available from corp website.

Zoho Partner Australia
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