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IT Solutions Solved CRM services helps you to connect with and earn more customers easily for your business

It's all about achiving your goals CRM services!

SOLVED introduces you to the best-in-market CRM platforms and does everything needed to so you get the most from your innovation investment. We see ourselves not just as IT experts, but growth consultants, specifically designing CRM services that  help you grow, scale, and improve everything to do with sales, marketing and account management.

Customer communications

Digitise, streamline, and improve in every way.

Account management

Friction free on business and client- side

Sales pipeline & Marketing

Plan, activate and accelerate with confidence


Save time, effort and money in efficiency gains.

Analytics & Reporting

Human-friendly analytics that help you decide.

CRM Partners & favourite solutions

Zoho CRM

We're proud of our partnership with ZOHO

ZOHO CRM is a powerful platform and a leader in its class. We’re proud to fly the ZOHO CRM flag. Easy integration and almost endless app synchronisation gives ZOHO CRM clients everything businesses need to create a truly centralised sales and marketing environment.

ZOHO’s reputation as a fantastic tool is well founded and as a cloud CRM industry leader. Also, with ZOHO investing big into researching and developing ground-breaking CRM improvements, users can bank on their CRM being committed to being a front-running player in the CRM scene, both now and in the future.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations expert

Businesses have relied on the Microsoft brand for decades and in many ways, Microsoft has defined how we experience the digital world at work. MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM is Microsoft’s intelligent cloud driven solution, armed with powerful automation capabilities and the ability to unify teams across organisation functions.

It’s a natural evolution point for businesses with plans to integrate existing or more Microsoft software and make solution interaction and connectivity simpler and frictionless.

Pipedrive: Cloud-based, sales-driven excellence

Pipedrive users report closing an average of 28% more deals in their first year. PIPEDRIVE’s claim to fame is that they are a solution that puts sales front and centre of its CRM platform, and by doing so, has fuelled business success for big and small business customers around the world.

Simple, clean, and mobile-friendly, PIPEDRIVE has made plenty of fans as a great tool to manage sales and marketing with.

We're Salesforce certified platform developers

As certified developers, SOLVED has the credentials and experience to design a solution that harnesses the advanced programmatic capabilities of the Salesforce CRM platform. We have hands-on expertise implementing Salesforce CRM and arming our clients with this formidable sales and marketing tool.

We have an intuitive understanding of Salesforce architecture and how to implement integrations according to clients’ needs and in line with their business requirements

Start easily & get incredible support

HUBSPOT offers users both a great CRM platform and best-in-class education and support. They’re known world-wide as a company that’s committed to making a software solution that is incredibly easy to use and empower users with knowledge through their on-site academy and learning resources.

HUBSPOT became famous as a CRM solution when cloud CRM was young and still offer businesses with one of the most accessible and affordable CRM options on the market.

How does a good CRM Services works for you & your customers?


Build a better understanding of your customer and what they’re really after

Ensure each communication is more relevant, more personal and friction-free

Get your marketing to respond better to customer signals and respond faster to change


Make sales experiences more seamless and sales-to-service delivery processes more efficient

Better inbound and outbound communications at each point in your sales funnel

Offer user friendly shop-front capabilities on your website or application


Create more seamless end-to-end onboarding and product delivery experiences

Bring customers and support teams closer together and enhance service quality

Use process automation to optimise the time your team spends with customers

The Solved 6 steps approach to best-in-class CRM results


We want to know what your passionate about and talk about how we can help you achieve those goals. And, we want to hear about those things you’re frustrated about, so we can pin-point precisely the kind of technology that can help you overcome it


We deploy our knowledge about computer science, business functions, and software solutions and design a ‘system’ using cloud, networked, or hybrid software – or your own system, if that’s the stage your business is at.


Once direction is decided upon, we take all the necessary steps to compose a team of specialists to build a secure and user-friendly system for your business. We work closely with your team to minimise down-time and manage risk.


As we implement, we customise. To get the most from your software solution – we take advantage of their in-build customisation options and get your team involved in digital process development


Behind the scenes, our methodology and quality assurance processes are continually at work preparing and testing your solution prior to, and during the launch.

Fine tune

Analytics and business intelligence are your new friends. Using these advanced reporting tools, along with structured interviews with each member of your team, we analyse feedback and make the necessary changes needed to implement the first of many improvements you’ll make on your digital transformation journey

Why Choose Our CRM Services

Save time

Automate repetitive tasks so that your sales team can spend less time on data entry and more on selling.

Sell more efficiently

Zoho CRM helps you to get to know what your customers are seeing, and find opportunities for engagement.

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Zoho CRM helps you to get to know what your customers are seeing, and find opportunities for engagement.