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01.05.2023 03:42 PM By Karan Sharma
If you understand the market and you prospects, you will definitely grow you business. Discover how AQA’s digital transformation journey empowered their mission to resource people to live well, with the help of IT Solutions Solved. We already helped lot of businesses and AQA is one of our happy clients. In this post, we will talk about how a real estate firm can be transformed by CRM?

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Meet AQA — an australia based community founded in 1987 by a group of individuals with quadriplegia who sought to improve access to information, support and employment opportunities for people with spinal cord injuries. Today, AQA is a vibrant community that shares knowledge and experiences, offering support to those with complex physical disabilities. Meanwhile, IT Solutions Solved is a company with a proven track record of over 20 years in customer relationship management (CRM). 

They work with businesses to provide tailored solutions to streamline their CRM processes and help them achieve their goals. Our team understands the challenges businesses face and has a wealth of experience in overcoming them. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and optimise their operations by partnering with us. AQA was experiencing difficulties managing its growing IT infrastructure and needed a reliable partner to help streamline its operations. 

That’s when they found us. From the beginning, AQA knew they’d made the right choice. Our team was always ready to help, providing a effecient and knowledgeable service, and being willing to go above and beyond to meet AQA’s needs.

​Challenges Faced by AQA
Before teaming up with us, AQA had some big problems to deal with. These problems messed up how AQA worked and how they provided their services. It was tough for them to live up to the high standards they had set for themselves. One major headache was handling all their increasing data, which made their computer systems slow and not so much dependable.

But what's important for AQA is helping people live better lives and grow personally with their support and services. After doing a lot of digging to find the best helpers, they decided to go with one of the best CRM developer in Australia, IT Solutions Solved. And guess what? That turned out to be a perfect choice. We were the right fit and things started to get better.

How IT Solutions Solved ​Helped AQA?
AQA places great emphasis on providing individuals with the necessary resources to live a fulfilling life, striving to achieve significant outcomes through the support and assistance they offer. Tushar, the project manager at AQA, collaborated with Peter, the IT Solutions Solved’s consultant, to develop a digital system that eventually evolved into a complete digital transformation, integrating all aspects of the business. Together, they created a document called the RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix), which captured all high-level requirements and processes across all business pillars, leading them to this point. 

After several rounds of exploration, they discovered Zoho, a software that offered a progressive, scalable, and cost-effective licensing model, which was crucial for AQA. With our assistance, AQA implemented the Zoho platform, which provided solutions and services that streamlined their processes, improved service delivery, and enhanced customer support. By automating manual processes such as managing exam papers, AQA saved valuable time and resources, which could be used for critical tasks. Furthermore, the platform facilitated communication with clients, resulting in increased satisfaction and retention rates. We selected Zoho for AQA due to its comprehensive set of tools, which met their specific needs, and its proven track record of success in similar industries.

AQA’s ​Response
The project encountered challenges, but our passion and expertise throughout the process impressed AQA. The team’s focus on achieving positive outcomes for people with disabilities resonated with AQA’s values. AQA has always valued insights from the lived experiences of people with disabilities. They aim to support people in living well and achieving their goals. AQA’s partnership with us, allowed the organization to continue to improve and meet the needs of their clients. 

AQA recognises the importance of finding the right partners for a digital transformation project and understands how a collaborative approach can lead to successful outcomes. AQA’s commitment to continuous improvement and delivering value to its clients is a testament to its mission and vision.

Final ​Words
Organisations such as AQA have always placed great value on the insights gained from the lived experiences of individuals with disabilities. Through their partnership with us, AQA has successfully achieved its objective of providing resources to help people lead fulfilling lives. Our conversations are a testament to our ongoing efforts towards continuous improvement. By adopting CRMs such as Zoho, SalesForce, and Pipedrive, AQA has revolutionised its business operations. 

Our services have not only assisted AQA but also numerous other organisations in their digital transformation endeavours.  These organisations have come to recognise the substantial benefits that such transformations can bring. Also, we are providing free 45 minutes crm consultancy to the business who want to implement CRM and if you already have implemented one, you can audit you CRM free here.

I hope you like this short post. You may like to explore our other posts if you want know about CRM!

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