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Choosing between the two is not an easy decision, most especially when you are just starting off in building a website for your small business. As much as you can, you would opt for something that does not cost too much and at the same time functional and easy to manage.

The last thing you would want to is to spend so much time maintaining your website that you would lose sight on the operation of the business; you got a website to help your business in the first place, not the opposite.

With our years of experience catering to different website building project for our clients, we understand that both Wix and WordPress are good website builders, but we are also very aware of the significant difference both have.



Wix – their monthly plans cover all you will need, from hosting to templates – great thing is, it even has a free plan!

WordPress -itself is free, but all the extras you will be adding and putting in your website will be paid by you.



Wix- Wix is not an open source platform so their codes are not available for people to modify. This means that only their private development team can produce website building tools – this results in Wix’s tools being fully integrated into their website builder and will have a much lower chance of being bugged.

WordPress – his means that their codes are open to everybody to use and modify. Any programmers/coders can use WordPress to create their own themes or plugins for others to download for free, or to be purchased for a fee.


Ease of use:

WordPress – If you know how to modify codes, you can potentially do a lot of customizations with WordPress that you can’t do with Wix. In terms of ease of use, the learning curve for WordPress is definitely a lot steeper. As mentioned above, a lot of people choose WordPress for its flexibility – though keep in mind, it can also be complex.

Wix  – is a simple website builder, so you can easily design the website just as how you would want it to look like. Simply drag and drop photos, text, images, etc directly into the website builder – then you are starting to build your website.



This is one of the highlights that should not be looked past it, always consider the support you will be getting as you are bound to ask for one along the way.

WordPress: With the vast users WordPress has, you are able to get help anywhere as it has a  large community forum full of discussions.

Wix: A dedicated support team with organized tutorials. You can also get help through the phone or email.


Both like we have highlighted, have their pros and cons. If you are starting and perhaps would want to work on your ‘website building skills’ Wix is definitely the one for you, but if you are building a website for your small business which will represent you to your potential customers, you have to present them the best. WordPress is a very powerful choice among small business owners, you can hire an expert to ensure that your website will definitely attract traffic and increase your ROI.

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