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We frequently hear these reasons as to why web design is not needed:

My business is a start-up, I only have 2 to 3 people under me, business is already doing well, and we do not sell products online. If you are one of those that believe you do not need a website, then this will definitely change your mind.

Most of the business owners think setting up a physical store, reaching potential customers through word of mouth is enough. It never is. It is important for you to create a brand for your business, it is important to create an online presence for your business. Creating an online presence helps you to reach potential customers, it is easier for customers to find you, know more about you, even potential employees, business partners, the list goes on.

85% people of Australia have Internet access and the number of users is increasing at a rate of 1.7%. Currently, there are about 19.4 million mobile phone users in Australia, which again accounts for a large proportion of the total population. With more people having regular access, it is easier for online businesses to find potential buyers. A large portion of business revenues is derived from online transactions or from offline transactions that were a result of online marketing efforts. More than 25 million shoppers are now online, almost everyone is online to search for products and services, purchasing from gadgets, books, personal items even to services. If they have heard about you, but you are nowhere to be found online, no reliable website for reference, unfortunately, your potential customers would choose your competitors, who have boosted and built their online presence.

Keep in mind that your website speaks volume about your business – make sure to have not just a website, but a professional looking website to be taken seriously. Have you tried searching for a certain brand online with the desire to purchase their product or services but changed your mind as soon as you saw their website? The first impression is important, as you have one shot at making a first impression. A well-designed, user-friendly, informative website no matter how small your business may be, can even be on par with the giant companies. Size of the company does not limit chances of building a well-designed website.

A rule to keep in mind, ‘if you have a bad website, then it is better to have no website at all.’ No website means countless of missed opportunities, while a bad website may even be worse, it can make your business look bad and unreliable. It can create a negative impact online. Both are bad for business.

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