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As small business owners, every minute matters, we need as much help as we can most especially if we have to fulfil multiple roles in the business. Automating your daily tasks does not only save you time but this makes your work more efficient.

Small business owners now have the choice to automate their repeated day-to-day tasks. Why spend hours on a task when you can have that automated by software? Automate alerts, feedbacks and other tasks will help you streamline your business operations and this is not even complicated to set-up.

All good CRM systems have automation built in, and the good ones have a lot. Once set up properly, you’ll find these aspects of your business can be handled faster and with greater productivity than before.

Zoho CRM gives you the option to automate workflow procedures and set up automatic replies, alerts, and notifications in advance. You can create workflow rules and associate workflow alerts, tasks and field updates with them. Additionally, you can set up case escalation rules and also assignment rules for leads, contacts and cases generated via web forms.

Zoho CRM’s advanced automation capabilities save your sales team time by automatically completing routine tasks, so they can focus on closing more deals faster.

1. Workflow Rules
Every time your team follows up with a lead or updates a field, there is a lot of manual work. Use workflows and perform a task faster.

2. Macros
Perform three tasks with one Macro. Send an email, update required fields, and also schedule follow-up tasks.

3. Assignment Rules
Assign leads based on a particular channel or industry, or distribute them equally through the round robin method.

To make sure you are able to automate correctly, consult with a Zoho CRM expert as they are able to provide you support, advise and as well as walk you through each step that will make it easier for you.

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