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Lake Cooper Estate

Client background:  

Lake Cooper is one of Australia’s best award-winning winery. In 1998, winery owners Geraldine and Gerry McHarg came across this place when they were selecting a site for their vineyard. They fell in love with the beautiful, and quiet Lake Cooper. The pleasant climate and soil made them decide to finally establish their vineyard. Geraldine and Gerry first planted 12 hectares of Shiraz and then expanded them to 18 acres of Shiraz, 9.5 hectares of cabernet sauvignon and a small area of merlot, sauvignon blanc and Verdelho.

IT Solution Solved Team

We are driven with passion and excellence. We always strive to exceed each of our client’s expectations. Our team works closely with each other to ensure that we are able to deliver a satisfactory output.

Web design is not a simple task as it seems, behind every breathtaking website lies countless days of planning, designing, researching, data analysis to post-launch support. We always aim to provide and educate our clients with the best options available in the market that does not only make their website stand out but be income generating and market competitive.

Project objectives:

  • Redesign their website to better reflect their branding and company culture
  • Improve experience and usability Upgrade site speed and drastically improve the mobile user experience
  • Integrate Woo Commerce so customers can make an easy purchase online
  • Integrated Xero for seamless data transfer

Our action plan:

Lake Cooper is known to be one of Australia’s best, but their website does not convey and show the same status, their website was behind the times. The outdated design, functionality and feel did not reflect their value, branding and competitiveness. They lack overall user experience, which has caused a lot of potential customers online.

Our developer provided the client 2 sets of amazing design of which he was very pleased with the outcome. He chose the designs of which reflects the elegance of his winery business and at the same time offers users the best overall experience.


Our client was very pleased with the overall outcome of the project. He has since gained a massive increase of inquiries and online sales. He never knew how great of an impact to his business success a website can do.

We are happy to have received yet another project from the same client, now the client is expanding to his Chinese market, we are to create a Chinese Website for our client and we are up to the challenge as always.

– A well-satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts

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