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We are a certified Salesforce partner and we focus on offering the best Salesforce Consultant Melbourne services.

CRM Consultants Melbourne

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Our Salesforce consultant Melbourne service will help your company focus on documenting your sales, clearly defining your sale, marketing, and customer service processes which are important steps if a business wants to succeed. We can also improve your Salesforce integration with your other applications your use like inventory management, email, and accounting.

Due to complexity, Salesforce CRM, now known as “sales Cloud”, can be overwhelming when trying to set up on your own. It can lead to a poorly implemented system, but when done using Salesforce Consulting company, it becomes a valuable asset for your business. That’s what we offer at IT Solutions Solved in Australia.

Our Salesforce CRM experts have the skills and expertise in engineering and operation that will scale with your company. IT Solution Solved are designed to help our clients manage and maintain their Salesforce



We help you in Salesforce development, based on your business needs and requirements.


Include strategy development and management to facilitate uninterrupted flow of information in various ways.


Start with a discovery phase where we learn your customer requirement based on your business requirements.


After the successfull implementation and integration, we help and teach you how to be more efficient with Salesforce.

We are a certified Salesforce partner and we focus on offering the best Consulting services.