Hawthorn Early Years

Leading Education and Care in the Early Childhood Industry encouraging children to explore, learn and play.

About HEY.org

Hawthorn Early Years is committed to providing a safe environment for children, we have a zero tolerance for child abuse. Hawthorn Early Years will create an environment where the health, safety, and well being of all children attending the Service is assured. The Service has a system to protect the children from abuse and will take all allegations and concerns very seriously and respond to them consistently in line with the organization’s policies and procedures.

They wanted

A new website that represents the companies standards and help to spread their phylosophy.


Skills & Technologies


Challenges faced

Hawthorn Early Years need this projects within limited time and it is the big challenge to integrate all technologies within that limited time frame. The old site has a lot of issues that won’t represents what the company really is. Also had a lot of information and details about what they do, so we needed to reorganize everything and make them easier to find for visitors. On the design side we wanted a more friendlier and happier approach so we used bright and natural colors and a lot of images.


Conclusion & Achievements

During this development process changes of requirements and taking action on them also great challenge for our team, but we did a friendly and happy, fully responsive website that help people to find not just the best place for their most expensive treasure, but all required information as well easily and quick.