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No matter what the size of your brand, one of the best ways to differentiate is to deliver a memorable customer experience. When you personalize your interactions with your clients, you let them know that they are important to you.

These personalized experiences are the key to building long-term relationships that you seek with your customers.

Why Embrace Personalization?

Personalization is all about knowing your customer, and going a step further by remembering them. With the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, companies can now track their customers’ buying patterns, preferences and much more.

This helps in creating a personalized experience that will make every customer feel valued and appreciated by the brand. Personalization can be achieved through various categories – sales, marketing and customer service; all of which are important to create an outstanding experience.


Better Business & Relationships – Most marketers (nearly 96%) agree that the power of personalization has helped them boost their relationships with customers. Nearly 88% marketers have seen a visible lift in their business as a result of their personalized campaigns.

Machine Learning Advantages – Today, every 1 in 3 marketers is using machine-learning personalization to offer experiences at an individual level. With the help of algorithms and predictions in your CRM systems, you can create new recommendations for customers and increase engagement levels.

Multi-Channel Promotions – You can employ personalization across multiple marketing channels for a memorable and lasting effect. These can include your email campaigns, company website, mobile ads, web apps or mobile apps and even your targeted marketing campaigns.

Tips to Maximize the Impact of Personalization


• Marketers should start keeping the end result in mind. When you know what kind of experience you want to deliver, you can work backwards to create it for every customer.
• Use your CRM solutions smartly to understand which customers are bringing in maximum revenue and focus on tailoring exclusive deals and offers for them

• Track and segment your customers into smaller groups based on similar preferences and buying patterns and create content specifically designed to appeal to these individual groups.

• Put yourself in your customers’ shoes to understand how they would like to receive communication from your brand

• A lot of e-commerce websites often suggest products based on your previous browsing or purchase history, giving you a sense of ‘welcome back’ on the website. You can try to re-create this experience with the help of CRM systems as well.

Personalization is a great relationship builder in marketing that will always make your prestigious customers feel welcomed, considered, and highly valued as customers.

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