Jims Financial Services

Jim’s for all your financial needs and requirements, from vehicles and equipments to home loans.

About Jim's

From the back of an orange Kingswood in the Melbourne suburb of Balwyn, Jim Penman took a lawnmower, $24 and a passion for customer service – and turned his small business into one of Australia’s most respected brands. Now after over 25 years of satisfied customers, Jim’s wants to help Aussie families and businesses finance a new car and buy a home or investment property. No matter the job, Jim’s guarantees the same level of exceptional customer service and diligence across all of our products.

They wanted

A new website that represents the companies standards and collect different business websites into a big one.


Skills & Technologies


Challenges faced

Jim’s Financial Services is a very wide business with many directions they cover within the company, from home and car loans, vehicle leasing, small business and equipment finance and even more. The hardest task was to find a unified look for all the services, and also keep in mind, that Jim’s own developers want to expand the site with more services and custom images.


Conclusion & Achievements

Jim’s Financial Services has a lot of individual services and sites, but thanks to the responsibility of WordPress CMS and the efficiency of not just our, but Jim’s development team too, now they can easily expand their services and change every media components and details as they want, and as they did it since our team are done with the website.