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No company runs without having to look at their progress and plans. There is no other way to have a clear view of everything but reports. Reports contain all the information a business would need to know where it is at, where it is heading at the moment, the obstacles it encountered, bottleneck and as well as goals performance.

A report is made with the specific intention of relaying information or recounting certain events in a way that is concise, factual and relevant to the audience at hand

Creating a report is not a simple method of putting all data together and presenting it, it requires efficiency as a simple error made makes a lot of difference, and even a simple error input causes that. It needs efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness, you must have a good analysis of the data presented and the outcome you would like to have from it, else, it is just a mere data showing numbers or figures that is of no help at all.

How can you become more effective and efficient with reports?


  • Automate workflow


Often unrecognized solution that most small business owners tend to neglect, they usually opt for the manual input, log books, excel sheets wherein it consumes a whole lot of time and has a great percentage of manual error.  One of the most common solutions we provide to our clients is automating their workflow using a CRM, wherein all of the information they need are stored in one system wherein generating a report if a breeze. This improves a lot in the data accuracy, efficiency of the data being reported, widens the range of option for data content and most especially reduce the time spent.


  • Access data at anytime


Imagine handling 5 reports wherein all sources of those reports are from various logbooks, excel files and etc. – how much time do you think you will need to create them? How about if you are asked to pull up something quickly from that report? Taxing and time consuming aren’t it – definitely, it is. Having a CRM where all of the data are readily available at any time is definitely a game changer, you can access it even on the go, and just simply pull it up when needed and you do not have to stress yourself.


  • Data Sharing


A report contains data from various department and people. Let’s say the sales department needs individual information from the sales team members as to come up with the monthly progress report. Having a sharing site wherein it is made easier and accessible for everyone to share their input is a great solution; it allows greater collaboration efforts and an overall better solution.


  • Interactive Dashboard


This is certainly not achievable in traditional reporting.  With the technology nowadays, reporting no longer requires as much time as before. Having a CRM allows you to have an interactive dashboard wherein you are able to manipulate it. Not all data are needed and reports vary depending on your needs, CRM helps you retrieve only specific data you will need for a target audience – may it be presenting to a client, your team or even your business partners.  You no longer need to spend a day or two creating different reports for different needs, you only need to know what you need, click here and there, voila, the report is ready.

We need to understand how a CRM works, only then we will get to know its full advantage. Automating a report is far more than beneficial than one can imagine. It does not only saves you a whole lot of time, but this also presents you various views, options of your data that you may not be aware of. Having a clear and wide view of how your business is running gives you a better insight and makes you draw a clearer picture for the days to come.

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