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Unless your business is thriving in a niche market, it’s a formidable rat-race to pique customers’ interest in your brand and your product offerings.

So, if you want your business to set the pace for all your competitors, you do need a lean and agile system of managing your customer base and escalating their numbers.

Spearheading Sales: Dispersion to Integration

The first and foremost stage of all future sales is connecting on some level with potential customers. Be it through indirect marketing promotions or through direct lead generation via., social media, email or tele-marketing.

Small businesses often accumulate the gathered data in separate data banks, or worse yet, with specific employees.

This could pose as an obstacle if the employee is on leave or If the system in which required data is stored cannot be accessed or understood without an individual.

Sales is an area where delays in response times could oftentimes mean that you’ve handed business over to your competitor.

‘When customer metrics are dispersed, so is the state of the sales team – dispersed’

This is where an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes into play. By processing and organizing customer metrics in a single common domain, the sales team can also function as a single well-oiled machine where all the cogs work together in the right place.

So, having customer’s name associated with age, nationality, preferences, sales history, service records, customer feedback etc., in one common area or a cloud based system, with the capability to intelligently process each data set, will enable the sales team to collaborate and work at maximum speed to close sales efficiently and thoroughly.

All this, while keeping redundant activities (such as searching for customer information, drawing up manual reports etc) at bay.

From Sales to Delivery

Delivery of the offering to the customer effectively is just as important as selling it.

Example: An online shoe store can sell a pair of shoes to a customer, but, if handling payment, packaging, labeling and actual door delivery is delayed, incorrect or cancelled for any reason, then the sale becomes a failure. Recovering such a customer is quite an arduous task.

Whether your business offers services or actual products, the after sales service is crucial. Your business could do wonders if each stage, that is the sales, delivery and after sales service can be monitored and mapped customer-wise, timeline wise, or based on any other available variable.

Having the ability to do will allows your business to leverage valuable business intelligence to make strategic decisions and plans that has the potential to accelerate your earnings.

Clinching the Deal

To bring it all together, i.e. to streamline your sales and deliver process, an effective CRM tool should be chosen based on the nature of your business and level of customization that your business requires. Factors such as existing processes, existing software (and hardware) being utilized are also important to consider, since any change-over needs to be planned thoroughly.

The best CRM tools today are cloud based and accessible by any member of the sales team from anywhere and from any device.

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