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Take your business with you wherever you go. Technology combined with human innovation has surely changed the way we do business. We can have everything and do everything (almost) at the tip of our fingers.

Zoho CRM constantly strives to make sure it gets to only not meet the small business owners’ need but to make sure they can provide the unforeseen needs of growing business as well. Your needs as a 1 to 2 employee business will definitely be changed when you grow your business to 20 employees – thus they make sure you are able to cater to your growing needs. As the business grows, they grow along with you – and that is the beauty of Zoho CRM.

What are the on the go options that we definitely think are worth mentioning? Check on the list below:

Mobile Card Scanner:

  • Scan a business card or QR badge and the appropriate fields are automatically filled in, letting you save as either a contact on your phone or as a lead/contact in Zoho CRM.
  • Don’t wait to get back to your desk to send that thank you email. Schedule a time to follow up or use pre-made templates to get in touch right away. Add notes to make sure you remember the little details.
  • Trigger custom workflows in Zoho CRM to automatically incorporate new contacts into your sales process. As your database grows, merge duplicates to keep your records clean and up-to-date.
  • Export contact information to Zoho apps like Books, Invoice, Contact Manager, Mail, and CRM or to other cloud apps like Salesforce and Google contacts.
  • Card Scanner reads business cards in 17 different languages and switches between them in a snap. 

Sales APP

  • Get real-time insights into sales trends, customer engagement and team performance with dashboards. Visualize trends in sales, marketing and support departments so you can make decisions when you’re away from your desk. Use feeds to keep your team informed and collaborate on the go.
  • Plan smart, manage time efficiently and close more deals by locating prospects nearby and scheduling meetings accordingly.
  • Check-in and geo-tag your visits as they happen. Record who you’re meeting and keep your colleagues informed about what’s happening.

These may appear simple, but try incorporating these innovations in your day-to-day process and you would be amazed at the difference it will make.  

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