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Use Zoho Survey to help manage your events like a pro

our blog Why Zoho Survey with Eventbrite? Here’s how Zoho Survey can make event management easier: Creation Zoho Survey has a template gallery dedicated solely for event creators. These unique templates will make sure you have a comprehensive feedback system in place for your event surveying mechanism, with different surveys to collect important data at every stage


Accounting and GST filing made easy for Amazon Sellers

our blog E-commerce is an indispensable part of daily internet usage for consumers today. In India, the advent of the internet, the rise in the use of smartphones, and the entry of global players like Amazon have fuelled the growth of e-commerce. Since its inception, Amazon has seen steady growth in the number of sellers across its platform in India. Increasing numbers of sellers


5 Reasons Why CRM Improves Overall Customer Experience

our blog In this Era, everyone is tech-savvy and seeks everything to be accessible, convenient and digital. Most if not all customers’ shops online, research digitally, go through every feedback via social media and mostly prefer emails to phone calls. In every business regardless of size, Customer experience is a top priority. If it is


5 Reasons Why Sales People Need CRM

our blog Why do salespeople need CRM? Closing a sale if highly critical, it involves a lot of steps, process and amount of time to nurture a lead before it becomes a deal. The usual challenges salespeople face are: 1) Properly qualifying a lead (using time efficiently), timely follow-up on leads ( a minute lost can


Website Design & Development Case Study

our blog Lake Cooper Estate Client background:   Lake Cooper is one of Australia’s best award-winning winery. In 1998, winery owners Geraldine and Gerry McHarg came across this place when they were selecting a site for their vineyard. They fell in love with the beautiful, and quiet Lake Cooper. The pleasant climate and soil made them


One Suite of Applications to Run Your Entire Business?

our blog Zoho One. We often hear how working together and being united contributes to a successful outcome – this is how it works for your system as well. Zoho One has the same concept and functionality. What is Zoho One? Zoho One gives you one suite of more than 40 integrated business and productivity applications


Your Business on the go with Zoho CRM

our blog Take your business with you wherever you go. Technology combined with human innovation has surely changed the way we do business. We can have everything and do everything (almost) at the tip of our fingers. Zoho CRM constantly strives to make sure it gets to only not meet the small business owners’ need


Zoho Vs Salesforce – Which is Better for My Small Business

our blog Zoho CRM and Salesforce are both great products. What makes Zoho CRM stand out when Salesforce is No. 1 in the market? PC Mag ranked Zoho CRM and Salesforce Lighting editor’s choices for best CRM for 2017. Zoho CRM is actually the only CRM that includes all features that PC Mag used for


The Ultimate CRM for Small Business / Start-ups

our blog We all need to start from scratch; we need a solid foundation to ensure that we have enough stability to support our growth. Small businesses are slowly incorporating CRMs into their system; a lot of the business owners have acknowledged the growth contribution of having a good CRM. Choosing the best CRM for


Wix vs WordPress, Which is Better?

our blog Choosing between the two is not an easy decision, most especially when you are just starting off in building a website for your small business. As much as you can, you would opt for something that does not cost too much and at the same time functional and easy to manage. The last


CRM for Small Business Owners

our blog Business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and free up their team’s time for more productive tasks. Which Is the Best CRM? In such cases, choosing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a logical choice to fuel business growth. However, once you decide to opt for a CRM, you will encounter many


Improve Your Efficiency with Reporting

our blog No company runs without having to look at their progress and plans. There is no other way to have a clear view of everything but reports. Reports contain all the information a business would need to know where it is at, where it is heading at the moment, the obstacles it encountered, bottleneck