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Whether you are a sales manager or a sales agent, goals or sales quotas plays a big part in your daily work. Sales are one of the most challenging fields of work, it does not only requires skills but as well as the initiative to plot your weekly plan of action. Salespeople need to set goals so they will be motivated as well as they can motivate – they actively pursue success, rather than waiting for it to come their way.

How are you able to develop a weekly sales plan?

  1. Determine your sales goals:

First and foremost, what do you want to achieve? How much do you want to achieve? In this way, you are able to identify your numbers and analyze how much work, time and effort you will need to meet your target. Sales leaders, providing your team sales numbers and setting team’s goal is easier for everyone to be aware of how much each should be contributing to the team’s success. When you set a goal, you set a visual, a destination, with this in mind; it is easier to motivate yourself.

  1. Determine the selling system that works best for you or your team

Observe the trend of your sales, is there a certain approach that works best for the customer, are there spiels that need

to be changed? Is this medium of sales receiving more responses from the customers? Different products may be sold and presented differently, what might work best for an insurance policy may not work for a gadget, so narrow down the field to the best methods for each product your team sells.

  1. Define your target; identify the best way to attract potential customers

Leads are important and are valuable to every sales company. These leads are then turned to buyers if handled well but if a customer does not fit as one of your target markets, no matter how convincing and knowledgeable you may be, they will never have a need to buy it. That is why it is important to know your market and understand your customer profile, from there you must be able to know where and how to attract these type of customer either by a radio ad, newspaper ad, billboard ads and social media ads. Every minute of your time is gold; never waste it over the wrong lead.

  1. Create a reward system for meeting your goals

Have you recalled how hard you pushed yourself to meet a certain goal because there is an award waiting for you? That feeling of claiming your prize is always rewarding. When you set your eyes on something, you make a clearer version and create a stronger motivation.

  1. Invest on a dependable CRM

No matter how perfect your plans may be, if all of your ideas, team, and files are not organized, your effort will be put to waste. CRM system helps you to manage your sales process more efficiently and effectively. Set up and organize your pipeline and most importantly keep track of your leads, as every lead is a potential customer. CRM is the key to manage all of your creative ideas and work in one place.

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