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Why do salespeople need CRM? Closing a sale if highly critical, it involves a lot of steps, process and amount of time to nurture a lead before it becomes a deal.

The usual challenges salespeople face are:

1) Properly qualifying a lead (using time efficiently), timely follow-up on leads ( a minute lost can cause a lost lead).

2) Effective process in prioritizing sales activities.

CRM offers a lot of solution to these common problems the sales industry faces. CRM is a powerful tool that is able to handle another no less pressing issues. It provides the sales team with an ample amount of options to help them with their daily activities.

What help can CRM offer the sales team?

1. Enjoy a safe storage space

CRM helps salespeople to store their data safely. It provides a centralized data system where it is easy and safe to access – no more fear of losing that jotted down the number of your hot lead. The thing with CRM is, it does not simply provide you with the information of your clients but it associates activities, identify sales opportunities and help you schedule your next step in one place. You are able to see everything you will need in one place.

2. Planning and time-management solved

With the number of leads and other tasks at hand, it is very easy to miss out on something important. With CRM, you are able to prioritize task effectively and it helps you to make sure you do not miss out on any important tasks. The sales team is then able to spend more of their time pursuing a lead and closing a deal rather than spending time organizing task and paper works.

3. Reports in a swift!

Reporting is dreading. Sales team needs to be out in the field, nurturing leads and closing deals – with reports, this consumes a whole lot of their time. CRM helps the sales team to easily prepare their reports (daily, monthly and weekly). Automated reports provide a more error-free data – just a few clicks here and there, reports are ready.

4. Eyes on the target

CRM helps the sales team to identify and segregate and categorize leads. It is easy to sort out from multiple data and stay focused, they do not need to spend hours and hours in copy-pasting from various documents, going through a list of disorganized list of data.

5. Don’t miss out – stay up to date

CRM offers shared calendars, email integration, document templates, sheets – this helps the team to be able to share and work seamlessly. It is easier to share updates within the team and ensure no one misses out. This also allows for sales manager easier way to monitor the team’s progress.

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