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For most companies, choosing the right Customer Relationship Management, or CRM software seems to be the most challenging feat. However, once it is bought and started-up in an organization, most companies are unaware how to fully exploit it to their advantage. In order to maximise your CRM’s potential to streamline operations and boost revenues, make a strategy that includes these 5 best practices.

Training Matters

When you plan your CRM installation, make sure to include enough time and budget for an in-depth training to your team. Rather than just offering a couple of hours of training or handing out information pamphlets, influence your team with the right aspects of the tool. With extensive training, your team will build a familiarity with the system, develop user confidence and understand and comprehend its benefits in their routine work.

Integration is the Key

CRM doesn’t work as well in isolation as it does when it is integrated with your other systems. In order to be a major team player in your organization, it must be plugged in with the other in-house systems, including cloud, accounting systems, website and offline operations.

Don’t Overcomplicate

Start with fewer functions, tabs, and keys in your CRM tool to get maximum results. Always choose to add new features and functions that build on your established workflow for higher productivity from the tool. CRM is more an evolutionary process than a revolutionary one and therefore, always start by keeping it simple.

Focus on the Core Areas

For your sales team to use the CRM effectively, it is important to give them a focused direction rather than telling them that everything is important. In the case of your CRM, only choose the most vital tools that will actually benefit your sellers. Remember that your CRM should make your sales team more productive and any other distraction from this end goal will be a waste of bits and bytes.

Data is Everything

Have fixed protocols on how data will be entered in the system to ensure consistent data entry. Your CRM will only be as effective as the data it houses and thus, every team member must be educated about the right ways to enter, manage and edit data. If you want CRM to become the game-changer in your company, these 5 strategies will help implement your CRM with success and ultimately result in positive sales outcomes.

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