CRM Integration to Social Media

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The popularity of social media has increased significantly that all business owners are aiming to establish their brands on different social media platforms.

Small business owners are presented easy opportunity to reach out to their target markets and attract potential customers. With just one click sales can be made, this provides business owners easy opportunity to market and sell products.

Just how much users are there? Here are the statistics we got based on Social Media News (Australian Social Media Statistics)

Social Media users in Australia are some of the most prolific in the world, with a total of around 60% of the country’s population an active user on Facebook, and 50% of the country logging in at least once a day.
It’s also worth noting that globally Facebook now as 2.01 billion monthly active users, growing by 500 million users in the last 2 years. Facebook’s continued growth means they now have over 20,000 staff around the world.
As we come up to Christmas, we generally see an increase in social media usage as people take holidays and time off. It is also a time of the year when we see new users join social networks.

With the number of users in Australia alone, can you imagine the countless opportunities you have to market your product? The best thing about social media is that it offers the businesses the ideal arena to boost sales.

Is integration to social media really important for a CRM?

Establishing your social media presence is highly important most especially for small business owners. Customers nowadays would first search for your business via social media, check on your page and reviews.
These social media outlets open new horizons and countless opportunity for interactions between you and your customer. Businesses that utilize social media based CRM reach a wider range of audience in a lesser amount of time as compared to their competitors who use traditional CRM.

One of the leading CRM, Zoho CRM allows you to integrate your social media into your CRM. With this, you can track revenue from your social media marketing efforts. Engage with prospects and generate leads from social media. Enrich leads and contacts in Zoho CRM with social data, and help your sales force close deals faster.

Convert social activities into new leads — automatically.
Define social activities (likes, mentions, retweets, comments, etc.) as lead qualifiers to automate lead generation for your business. Select predefined rules for each social network to create new leads based on actions, such as likes, shares, retweets, and mentions.

All your social connections, now with the power of Zoho CRM.
In Zoho Social, everyone who has engaged with your brand on social media is defined as a Connection. Make them a part of your CRM by adding them as leads or contacts. Identify and segment your connections based on their CRM status. View CRM details, track associated potentials, and add notes for each Connection.

These are just only a few advantages offered by Zoho CRM, there are tons of it that is definitely a game changer for your business.

Technology is ever changing, you have to keep up and not miss out on the opportunity it brings for you to improve your business and customer service experience.

Following the Website Trends for 2018?

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Just like fashion, technology has its own trend. With the fast pace of technology, people are discovering more ways to innovate.

As the technology evolves, so does what consumer wants and expects, to keep up with our clients’ expectations, we, as small business owners need to constantly update the service that we have for them, the efficiency to our system and of course, ensure that our website is at its best.

Last year it was much about web animations and micro-interactions, conversational interfaces and chatbots, designs sprints and illustrations. We are already mid-year of 2018, what were the predicted website trends earlier this year?

Here is your best chance to make changes to your website if you still haven’t.

It is said that a subtle shift from UX design to digital service design is going to continue. We are going to see much more interest in the field of service design from the digital sector this year.

Here are the predicted trends from experts earlier this year:

1. Web Animation:

Animation plays a huge part in making ideas and interfaces easier to understand, not to mention, it gives the website a boost of life. Animations can convey complex ideas in short amount of time while being engaging and informing at the same time. More Business owners are aiming to give a strong eye-catching personality to their brand as they focus on being less static and more dynamic.

2. Colors

We can notice how the colors have evolved, more and more businesses are increasing their boldness through their color choices across digital platforms.

3. Inventive typography

Websites are to be eye-catching, even the style and appearance of its fonts! Typography is a powerful weapon when done correctly – the bigger, the better. So while neo-grotesque sans-serif styles like Helvetica remain in vogue, designers are branching out, turning to the huge variety of typefaces available.

4. Data Storytelling

2017, we have witnessed a boom in animated visualizations and an increased appetite for data representation from a 3D perspective. 2018, Greater accessibility to new technology will undoubtedly see an increase in the number of designers using animation as a means of storytelling

5. Flat Design 2.0

Flat design has made an impact on brands like Instagram, Stripe, and Apple’s iOS icons, as well as playing a starring role in the high-profile redesigns of companies like Dropbox and Mastercard.

Flat design isn’t dying, but in 2018 it certainly has to learn to adapt to stay relevant.

6. Playful illustrations

This trend isn’t only about being whimsical, though. “Illustrations can be extremely practical ways of presenting or explaining information. Nobody wants a boring website, and custom drawings are a human touch that can breathe life into otherwise dry content.
The marketplace is saturated and competitive, and web design needs to strike a balance between personality and functionality; illustrations are the perfect way to showcase who you are.

7. The evolution of AI
Artificial intelligence is no longer a matter for sci-fi. AI has already worked its way into mainstream web design, through technologies like conversational interfaces (chatbots). Indeed, according to eBay product designer Elaine Lee, you may already be using AI in your day-to-day work without even knowing it.

As people become more accustomed to interacting with bots, we are seeing a rise in the use of conversational interfaces in the design. Looking forward, machine learning and AI will be introduced into many of the systems we interact with over the next couple of years.

8. Asymmetric Layout
The responsive design movement of the 2010s has revolutionized web design and enabled designers to build sites that adapt seamlessly to different devices. This year, we’ve seen an increase in designs that rebelled against the constraints of responsive design with an attempt to be more ‘creative’.

9. Making the most of mobile

2017 was a landmark year for the mobile web, as its usage finally overtook that of desktop browsing. And that means web designers will be more focused than ever on the mobile audience next year and beyond.

Designers need to consider how mega animations and transitions are going to translate into browsers and devices like mobile, where there are no hover states and content need to adapt to reduced screen sizes

10. Kinetic Emails

Using CSS3 and HTML to create interactivity within an email. This trend stems from the fact that users are so comfortable with the UI language of mobile apps and websites, they’re happy to see it in other places, including email

This is starting to change what email means to people because, if we can deliver these sorts of experiences here, we can combine these things with a level of personalization that websites can only dream of. Who says email is dead?

11. E-commerce Boom

Cyber Monday, Black Friday., Flash Friday – What next? It’s the trend that’s only going to get bigger and bigger next year as more and more clients explore the possibilities that a strong e-commerce platform offers.

With the above mentioned predicted trends, how is your website catching up? As we would understand by now, it takes more than just a simple design, you should have an expert to work with to be able to ensure that your website offers the best experience to your customers, after all, you know a website is one of the most powerful tools to obtain your next customer.

Website Designing: 10 Key Considerations To Improve Sales

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Website Designing is about selling not just having a presence online.  In today’s competitive landscape owning an optimized website that boosts sales is no longer an option, but a necessity.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, enhancing your website will drastically impact your online sales and promote your business in the digital space. Today, customers are buying more online, thus offering you an incredible opportunity to expand your business. Follow these simple steps to sell more online:

1. Have A Single E-Commerce Goal
website designing
Before you set out, make sure you have one goal in mind – whether it is to increase traffic, improve your conversion rate or lure prospects.

2. Faster Is Always Better
Ensure that your website loads fast, especially on mobiles. Make sure your web team is working on making your website as fast and efficient as possible.

3. Include Customer Testimonials
Satisfied customers are far more influential than any sales copy. Always have some words of praise on your website from your brand evangelists to build a trustworthy perception in your prospects’ minds. Google Reviews is one of the strong factors for search engine ranking.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency
Whether it is limited period offers or special edition products, customers tend to respond positively to incentives that sound urgent. Offering free shipping or discounts for exclusive time frames will help boost sales.

5. Work on Your Sales Funnelwebsite designing
It is important to guide your customers to the purchase parts of the website without distracting them with other elements. The ultimate goal must be to encourage them to make the payment.

6. Focus on SEO
Make sure you are investing in the right SEO strategies and only on quality content. Videos also play a vital role in SEO and tend to rank higher in search engines compared to text.

7. Provide Additional Payment Options
By including more choice to make payments, you can make it easier for your customers to give you their money. If your website has good mobile traffic, it is wise to incorporate as many payment options as possible.

8. Quality Matters
When choosing your product images, invest in quality photographs so that customers are instantly encouraged to buy your products. This where you see the creativity of the developer in website designing.

9. Maintain Consistency
When working on online campaigns, PPC or SEO, always make sure there is a consistent message across all platforms so that all your ads ultimately result in sales.

10. Increase Engagement
You want your customers to spend more time on your website and thus, must make interactions engaging for them. Try email marketing, social media optimization, tryouts for your products, tests or quizzes and sweepstakes to add value and prove your expertise to your customers.

Need help with website designing for your project, contact us today.

These steps will help you garner more customers and promote your sales in a highly challenging digital environment.

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