3 Reason for Using IT Strategy Consulting Firms

Strategic IT is using Information technology in playing vital roles in your business plan. The role of strategic IT is to improve efficiency, create opportunities and interactions with clients. Business needs to implement IT strategies in a bid to stay in the game and compete with other business on the online platform. For instance, every business should have a basic website that has information about the company, how it works and the products and services it offers. To reach their goals, all business should consider hiring or using the services of an IT strategy consulting company.

Reason for using IT Strategy consulting firms

Implementation and transformation of IT strategies are at the core of business plan’s execution, but may deploy serious threats if they are not provided by a knowledgeable and experienced IT strategy consulting firm.  Strategy consulting firms have proved to be useful and beneficial for many years. They have proved the importance of expertise and specialization in strategy deployment. The reasons why business should use IT strategy consulting services include:

IT Strategy Consulting

Tap expertise at the right time

Even if you want to tackle all your business plans and strategies personally, engaging outside experts offer you an extra measure of ensuring all problems receive proper attention. Especially if you are dealing with complex and sensitive issues, IT consultants will make sure your problems are thoroughly resolved.

Saves time and money

Does it make sense to spend your valuable amount of time on some complex issues on your business strategy that an outside expert can help you? Typically, using IT strategy consulting firms and experts solves your problem in a timely and affordable manner.

Grow your business and future

There is no better way of ensuring your business succeed and thrive for a long time than using strategy consultants. Strategy consultants are IT experts that offer IT managed services and internet marketing services that help in growing and leading your business to success.

An organization using the services of an IT strategy consultant has a better chance of staying on top of other business. Hiring an IT consultant is an investment that all businesses, small or big should make. Quality IT Strategy consultants will gather requirement, plan your business projects and manage it so that you don’t have to use more money doing so. IT strategy consultants may indeed duplicate roles. They can things from a distinctly different perspective and advocate for client interests.

Our Focused Approach as an IT Solution Company

With so much going around on the internet platform and evolving of technology, there is no better time of using It Solution more than now. IT world is moving from just a simple into a more complex industry that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise to navigate your way through technology. If you are looking for an IT Solutions company that will solve your IT infrastructure and other related issues, the best company if IT Solutions Solved. As an IT solution company, here are some of the services that we provide to our clients:

Cloud computing

Clouding compounding has evolved beyond, PaaS offering, Saas offering, and IaaS offering. Cloud computing has matured and is now the engine of enterprise technology innovation. No wonder it is referred to as running workloads over the internet remotely. There are array types of cloud computing available and we strive to offer our customers the best cloud computing services as an IT solution company.

Our Focused Approach as an IT Solution Company

On-Premises to cloud services

With so much data available, cloud migration is the best option for organizations today. It helps in moving data, application and other business components from one cloud service to another or from one on-premises infrastructure to another.

Software consulting and development

Our mission as an IT solution company is to provide high-quality software development and IT consulting services that are unmatched in the IT industry. Our IT experts based in our branches make us the best software development and IT consulting company in Australia.

Maximizing on integrations

When it comes to maximizing on integration efficiency, our IT solutions company takes a targeted approach towards tackling various tasks from our clients. One key thing that helps us serve our clients professionally is using a scalable, extensible and functional system as the core of our services. We also world in cycles not taking too much at once.

IT transformation

IT transformation is the best way to jump start your path to a digital transformation, it allows organizations to increase efficiency, implement faster systems and enable greater business agility.

IT strategy consulting

Strategy consulting is among the IT services we offer. We offer high-level IT strategy consulting services in the industry.

At IT Solutions Solved we know that the first impression are the most important thing when it comes to your website. We help in building your website and offering other IT related solutions such as SEO marketing, PPC campaigns, CRM consultants and other services.

Affordable Website Design & Development Packages

Moving your business venture into the online world is daunting and hard. Getting started with your web design and development is the complicated part of creating a website. You need to design template that fits your specifications, have a website framework complete, add content, images, products and do many other things for your website. This process is hard work if you don’t have the experience required for the services. This means the only option to build a professional website is by using a web design company.

Web design packages                                    

If you are looking for a creative and experienced web Design Company for your website design, there is no better place to look at the IT Solutions Solved. We are one of the reputable and the best web design company in Australia that serves its customers with the best website designing services. Our website company offers reasonable web design packages and we are well known for our passion is creating something new for your website. Web design packages and services include:

  • Web page design
  • Mobile website design
  • Graphic design
  • Responsive website design
  • Logo design among others.

Website packages differ differently depending on the services your needs, but we will ensure you get value for your money and your website is in line with your vision. After purchasing a web design package, your goal and your specifications are the things that will guide us in creating a functioning website. You can choose from a web design package that is within your budget.

website design and development

Wed development package

If you want to be in the race and at the top of your competitors, website development is important. The days are gone when people used to buy items and services in stores. Now, because people have limited time, they want to shop online. This is the main reason for web development. IT Solutions Solved is the best web development company that offers affordable packages compared to other web development companies. You can choose your website development package as per your needs: packages and services include

  • Social media website development
  • E-commerce websites
  • CSS/xHTML/HTML5 development
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • PHP website development

IT Solutions Solved is a reputable web design and development company that has experienced and certified web developer who will handle your website development and design professionally. We offer excellent website design and development services that match your goals. We work with 100% precision and relevance towards designing your dream website.

Which are the Best Accounting Software to Choose From


software for accounting

One of the many reasons a business fails to succeed in the absence of a robust bookkeeping or accounting system. After all, no one wants to run out of cash.

With a myriad of options in the market, you can either set up an accounting system manually (consider: accounting books); or electronically (consider: Google/excel spreadsheets); or use an accounting software. And unless you wish to get seasoned in book-keeping practices, accounting software is the most practical choice for a busy entrepreneur or a small-mid sized business.

Here are some considerations:

Since every business has its own unique need, the following aspects will help determine your choice –

  • Do you require the software to calculate all payroll requirements (PAYG, annual leave, long service leave etc.)
  • Does it combine other task management requirements such as inventory, work in progress, orders, jobs etc.
  • Can it handle more than two bank accounts
  • Cash flow in a foreign currency?
  • If you have multiple departments, separate financial records for each business
  • Can it collaborate or interface with other payment gateways such as online payments
  • Does the system include customer records or CRM


Software Options that you can Consider

The market is swarmed with customizable accounting software packages designed to meet diverse bookkeeping requirements of the businesses. Some of these software systems are free to use. Out of the multiple options, the best accounting systems for a small business are:

2. Quick Books:

It is the software designed for growing business enterprises. It offers a consolidated customer and supplier database. You can get your company’s snapshot on the dashboard. The unique feature of this program is its ability to track your business mileage by claiming deductions. It can calculate the quarterly taxes and troubleshoot problems using its self-help feature. Use it to generate online reports and keep a track of your finances with its cloud-based remote access capabilities.

2. MYOB:

This online accounting software helps in managing your business finances efficiently. You can connect it to a wide range of mobile app solutions tailored to your business. A PayDirect online feature allows faster payments and MYOB Essentials helps in managing ATO compliance requirements. You can prepare instant reports on BAS, GST, and PAYG. Also, you can link documents easily to the bills.

3. Reckon One:

For easy accounting and powerful functionality, you can choose Reckon One. It is specialized accounting software for small businesses. The salient feature of this software is its flexibility. You can add its modules as per the requirements of your business. It is the only software program that can be put on hold. It is a cloud-based program that hosts the entire data within Australia. Additionally, it has the most stunning dashboard allowing you to choose the widgets you need.

4. Sage:

This cloud accounting program helps in making better business decisions with its advanced reporting and analysis tools. You can automate the manual processes and avoid human errors. It is easy to manage the cash flow and organize all your finances in one place. There are three scalable editions suited to the size of your business. You can opt for add-on modules for payroll management and credit card processing.

5. Xero:

The interface of this software is similar to that of QuickBooks Online. However, it has more enriching features embedded into it. It has Mac integration feature that can be natively connected to Mac UI. You can set up this software with most of the major banks in the USA. Apart from this, it has features like expense claims, invoicing, payroll management, reporting, data security, multi-currency tracking, and much more. You can also run this software on your mobile using its multi-platform app.

6. Cashflow Manager:

It is a specialized small business accounting program available in different versions. It has an easy column methodology. With its cloud version, you don’t need to do the regular backups of accounting data. You can record unlimited transactions. The software is safely hosted in Australia. It offers seamless telephone and email support with a free subscription to Cashflow Manager Care.

7. Nominal:

With its user-friendly interface, Nominal contains a lot of functionalities for freelancers and small businesses. Some unique features of this program include time billing, an easy time-sheet for recording time spent on a project and easy integration with PayPal accounting using PayPal API. There are automated features for invoicing, payments, fees, and transfers. Also, track inventory and make necessary adjustments when required. The program is completely tax-compliant.

8. Saasu:

With innovation and simplicity at its core, Saasu is a dark horse in this race. It offers features like a live dashboard and personalized invoice creation. You can make online payments through the program using PayPal or a credit card. Its Cashflow Forecaster gives you insights about future cash flow. Invoices can be created in multiple currencies, and help track all correspondences using the customer database and address book.

These are the best software options for small business accounting.





Ongoing Website Maintenance Support

Modern websites are increasingly becoming complex. They are operating within an ever changing environment of devices, security threats, internet browsers and website technologies. The launch a new website should represent a new beginning and online presence for your business, but with the complex and sometimes hostile environment, it is the end of online presence to some. To avoid this ordeal, website owners have resolved to website maintenance support to ensure websites’ well-being.

Website maintenance is a great way of keeping your site up to date with the current trends and updates in the online world. It is used to enhance your website functionality by integrating new features and making your site more interactive. Website maintenance support is meant to provide flexibility and requirements based on what your site needs. Just like a business or home needs to be maintained so does your website.

When your site gets older, it breaks apart and you will not be able to use it. Even if you use it, it might be difficult for you to attract traffic to your website since it is not attractive and functional. Before it gets to this stage, it should be fixed. Here is what website company can do for you concerning website maintenance support.

Website Maintenance

Website support: this is a way to make quick updates to your shopping cart or your online site. Web developers and experts have the much-needed experience to offer this kind of support for your website maintenance.

Application maintenanceapplication maintenance covers various patches on your website including security updates and updated versions of your website solution.

Commonplaces rescueanother web maintenance support offered by a website company. The services correct stalled or poorly performing websites. It is used to rush your site and perform CPR on your website operations.

Hotline support: hotline support is available for clients to call their web designing and development companies for website-related questions

Website maintenance support enhances your site by installing plugins, do Google analytics, WordPress conversions, update WordPress websites, twitter social plugins and much more, making sure you have a mobile-friendly site.

If you have a website and you have no time or you don’t know how to update and maintain it, IT Solutions Solved can help you do so. We understand that websites are different and they need a different formula to operate and that’s what we offer our clients, the right website maintenance support for their websites.

Affordable SEO and SEM Packages.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and SEM are more important for businesses now more than ever. It is important for business owners to understand the true meaning of SEO services and SEM packages for the benefits of their business and the potential they create for every business.

What is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is the process of increasing your website ranking and eventually improves visibility, traffic, and sale. SEO is one not the same as internet marketing, but it is one of the tools in your internet marketing arsenal. Internet marketing as a whole includes SEO, content strategy, social media promotions, and SEM. SEO is the set of rules used by website owners to optimize their website to improve their search engine ranking. It is a better way to increase the quality of your business website. It works on keywords.

SEO search engine optimization and SEM search engine marketing packages.

For your business website to be ranked appropriately in search engine rankings, you need to search for an SEO company with the best SEO services and packages. Unlike website designing and developing, SEO and SEM packages are the best deal for your web budget and needs. Some of the SEO and SEM packages include:

seo and sem

  • Basic optimization package: an affordable solution that helps in increasing your search engine ranking and traffic.
  • Advanced submission package:gives you the opportunity to have hand submission to search engines to help your ranking
  • Professional optimization package:the most powerful optimization that builds for a higher search engine ranking.

SEO packages vary from basic to professional depending on your needs and internet marketing strategies.

SEO was started Google and search engines use SEO optimization. There are search engine optimization guidelines given by Google that guarantees better results for SEO services. SEO marketing companies use different guidelines for your SEO optimization. IT Solutions solved is an SEO firm that offers search engine optimization services to business across Australia. We have SEO Company Perth and SEO Company Sydney branches offering SEO and SEM services and packages at affordable rates. When dealing with other parts of your website, we offer free SEO services for trials.

Looking for Google Adwords packages

IT Solution Solved also offer PPC (Google Adwords packages that suit our clients’ needs and budget. PPC (pay per click) services help companies to reach their target customers and other people looking for your business on Google. Google com Adwords is the fastest way of getting on top of search engines.

How to Decide on a Payment Gateway System


Australian payment gateways

Whether as a new online entrepreneur or a seasoned business who operates through multiple channels, being able to accept payments from your customers is a must.

When it comes to payment gateways – there is a lot to consider. Not only do you have to consider the technical and logistical aspects of setting up a payment gateway, the ease by which your customers can pay you also directly impacts your bottom line.

What to Consider in a Payment Gateway

 While looking for a reliable, cost-effective payment solutions, consider these factors.

 1. Compatibility

 Your chosen payment gateway system should be compatible with perhaps your Magento e-commerce platform or the various extension or plugins that are unique to your site. Besides, you may also need to link your payments gateway to your CRM or other financial data management software that you use. Make sure that the gateway will integrate easily.

2. Fraud and Security Features

Payment gateways such as CyberSource are specialists in fraud detection. Other hosted payment page may charge you more for an extra layer of security. If your site plans on handling large volumes of traffic then it will help to proactively identify suspicious activity before it gets any further in the payment process.

3. Built-in Invoicing Capabilities

 To streamline and reduce reliance on other platforms it is good to install a payment gateway that includes built-in invoicing capabilities.

4. Payment Preferences

Understanding the preferences of your target audience will give you an insight on how to tailor your payment offering. Invest time in the same.

5. Keep a Back-up

It is highly advisable to offer a popular gateway, PayPal as a useful back-up in case your primary gateway malfunctions.

With  numerous Payment Gateways in Australia you can look up Australian Bank Comparisons & Australian Payment Gateway Reviews to help you determine which Payment Gateway in Australia suits your requirements.

Some Popular and Major Gateways are:


A long-trusted default payment gateway – Paypal is popular mainly because it is easy to integrate with most open source e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Drupal and WordPress across multiple plugins.


eWay is yet another Australian based payment service which launched in the year 2000. Having been around for over a decade they have remained competitive in the market by allowing its users to use the product with no monthly or annual fees.


An Australian founded company, SecurePay was established in 1999 and found great success in increasing their customer base dramatically.  It was later acquired by the Australia Post in 2010.


Braintree allows exciting features for companies looking to expand globally. A subsidiary of Paypal, it accepts payments in more than 130 currencies, with minimal fees. They also offer a premium mobile experience, accepting cards, PayPal and Apple Pay, and have flexible features including the ability to split payments between you and your sub-merchants. Their ‘Sandbox’ feature is also a great place for businesses to experiment with various options.

Other players include Fat Zebra, Merchant Warrior, IP Payments, SCNet and others. It can be sometimes hard to decide what’s best for your business and the above metrics help differentiate between then to make the decision process easier.